International Payments Solutions was Founded in 2005 by Chris and Dylan Gaines.

Products & Services

Payment Types

Fitting the right payment type for your needs!

Specialty Software

Our objective is to assist businesses with impactful solutions that steer business owners toward current and future facing solutions.

Landlord Lease/Rental Software

To manage both Leased or Rental Units with robust features that benefit both the tenant and management. Attract great tenants and greatly reduce overhead and worry.

Health Industry Solutions

We service medical, dental, and clinic offices with one of the widest offerings available.

Church & Charities Software

We understand and solve the unique needs and issues specific to Churches and Charities.

Shopping Cart Integrations

We offer a wide range of shopping carts for integration into your website.

Specialty Tools Not Commonly Offered

Credit Lines

Credit Lines for Merchants

Merchants can give themselves an advance against their monthly bankcard volume.

OR, we can assist you in finding a traditional capital investiture loan from one of our banking partners at a very fair rate.

We will design the best plan to meet your business needs! We are there for you in those times of need! 

Credit Lines for Consumers

Credit Lines are available to your customers. Perfect for merchants with large ticket items. No more waiting for your money or declining customers because they can’t afford your product. 

Our Gateways

Finding The Right Fit For You!
Our Trusted Third-Party Partners

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