Referral and Reseller

International Payments Solutions is a 100% REFERRAL Based Company which means that we rely on trusted partners like yourself. Payment processing is something that frankly gets overlooked a lot of times in growing companies. We have amazing referral partners in the Web Building/Development, Internet Marketing, Financial Consultants and any other company that deals with someone’s business.

By Partnering with International Payments Solutions, you are giving your clients a Payment professional that is going to assist them in every aspect of their merchant account including PCI Compliance, how to reduce fraud and charge backs, what types of equipment or gateways to use to processes more efficiently, etc. We will also help in reducing processing costs.  All of this makes for a very happy customer and you make a RESIDUAL INCOME. All you have to do is make a warm introduction, we will handle it from there. From explaining and educating your clients, to the application, to installing, to servicing your client, as long as they stay a customer, you continue to get PAID!


If you are a seasoned merchant services agent we also have higher paying commission residuals and a lot of very unique homes that most other ISO’s do not have. This will allow you to book accounts that most other traditional ISO’s CAN’T BOOK. In addition International Payments Solutions will be able to create redundancy for your clients even if you already have some ISO’s you are working with. This will help you expand your portfolio and increase your INCOME.